Thursday, September 30, 2004

The middle class in America is dying.

Ok, here I go.
I worked hard for many years to become educated in a career field that I knew would be promising. I graduated in 1996 as a 40 year old Software Engineer with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science.
Things looked great, my first job was $38K in 1996, and that was a lot of money to me since I'd been poor my whole life.
The next job, about 2 years later, was $50K and I felt real good about that. Still, I had to live in St. Pete, FL and the cost of living really took the wind out of my salary sails.
Then about 2 years later, in 2001, I landed a job at Kennedy Space Center making $36 an hour! Wow, I hit the big time. Sure, I didn't get paid vacation or sick time, but I did get 401k matching and holiday pay.
Well, by 2002, Bush economics came crashing down upon our heads, all middle class America as far as I can tell. Thanks to the appointment of O'Keefe as NASA head, my project was cancelled and about 400 of us in an area that depends on KSC to survive, was laid off.
I've now been laid off for almost 2 years, have most of my IRA spent (which costs a penalty of 10% mind you), am $22k in debt to credit cards, and can't get a minimum wage job because I am too educated or over qualified.
So I have lost my life's savings and retirement fund, I am losing my house, I have nowhere to go, all in less than two years. Please don't tell me this is okay. Is my next step a cardboard box on the street?
Really, is this the American way? Let your own people in America wither and die while spending BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN OTHER COUNTRIES?? Where is my help from my government? Where is my loyalty from my Country?